Pick-Up Games

Mar Vista offers free pick-up games for adult roller-hockey players of all skill levels. Please see the calendar below for dates and times.

  • Play at your own risk

  • Full gear highly recommended

  • Bring a white and black jersey

  • Join the mailing list for announcements and updates: http://bit.ly/mvhockey

  • Join the community Discord server: https://discord.gg/5KRjTtQ73j

  • Schedule (Games usually start ~30 minutes after start time)

    • Thursday 6-9pm

    • Saturday 12-4pm

    • Sunday 10am-2pm

  • Gameplay guidelines:

    • There are no refs, no faceoffs, no offsides, no icing rules

    • If there are two goalies, teams switch sides every 5 goals

    • If there is one goalie, teams switch sides after hitting two posts or scoring three goals on the goalie

    • No hitting or fighting

    • Players may sub in and out at any time