Mar Vista Hockey League

League Info

About Mar Vista Hockey League

The MVHL is a friendly, recreational, in-house league. There is nothing on the line, there are no scouts in the stands, there is no cash prize for winning. We have zero tolerance for checking, dangerous physical play, or fighting. Come out on, have some fun, play hockey, and go home with all your teeth. Our unofficial motto: "Mar Vista Hockey, where the stakes have never been lower".

Game Flow

  1. When you arrive at the rink, you must read and sign the liability waiver. No skater will be permitted to play without signing this waiver.

  2. Find your captain/team and ensure you're wearing the correct jersey color. If your team does not have matching jerseys, please have a White and a Black jersey with your player number as a backup.

  3. Be fully dressed and ready to play at your time slot. The game clock starts running at 5-minutes past the hour no matter what. Games that start late will be shortened.

  4. When your game completes, clear the rink as fast as possible. Grab your bag and move off into the staging area so the next two teams can start warming up.

  5. If you are playing in the first or last game of the night, please help move the nets in and out of the storage shed.

Fees - link

Registration fees are $120 per player per division. Payment can be submitted online or in-person at the Mar Vista Recreation Center.

Payment is due by September 16th and will be strictly enforced. Players will not be allowed on the rink if they have not paid their dues.

Rules and Reminders

The complete rulebook is available here. Listed below are some notable rules that may differ from other leagues.

  • Abuse of Officials

    • In most leagues, verbal abuse is met with a 10-minute misconduct penalty wherein your team is not shorthanded. In MVHL, abuse of officials will result in stacking 2-minute penalties which may result in your team being short-handed for a full period or more. Do not abuse Officials.

  • Goalies

    • We have fewer goalies than we have teams; this means goalies often substitute across multiple teams in multiple divisions. The goalie you rush tonight might be your goalie next week; don't hurt your goalie.

    • Referees will give Goalies quick whistles to protect them. Sometimes this means killing a live play by accident.

    • Don't crash into goalies. Don't jab goalies with your stick. Players who threaten goalie safety will be penalized.

  • Suspensions

    • Receiving 3 penalties in a single game results in game ejection and suspension.

    • Receiving 20 cumulative penalty minutes in a season results in a game suspension. Additional suspensions every 10 PIM.

Required Gear

  • HECC approved hockey helmet

    • Full cage/shield required for Novice (Tuesday) league

  • Hockey shin pads

  • Hockey gloves

  • Skates

  • Protective cup

  • Hockey elbow pads

  • Hockey stick

  • Team jersey, or Black jersey and White jersey, with player number clearly visible


  • Only players who have paid their league dues are eligible to be substitutes

  • Substitutes must be at the appropriate skill level

  • Must be approved by the opposing captain and the League Commissioner

New players looking to join an existing team should join the waitlist.

Congratulations to the Season 1 Champions!

Taco Tuesday

Novice Division

Big Stick Energy

Intermediate Division